A photographer with an eye for nature’s beauty
SINCE 1986

Madlen Duderstedt, a Berlin-based photographer, is characterized by her exceptional flair and passion for composition, which manifests itself in her powerful lines.

Although her education began in graphic design, she discovered her love for photography early in life when she was given her first camera by her grandfather at the age of 13 —That moment marked the beginning of her fascinating journey into the world of photography.

Madlen has lived in Australia and New Zealand, further developing her artistic sensitivity to the beauty of nature and the diversity of landscapes worldwide. Her photography is a form of expression that balances her intimate connection to nature, her graphic background, and her ability to create strong compositions. She skillfully incorporates elements like the fascinating Fibonacci sequence, which occurs ubiquitously in nature, and the widely embraced stylistic device of the Golden Ratio into her image composition.

Her photography reminds us of how nature constantly surrounds us in its sublime beauty and perfection, even in minor details. She is not just a photographer but a storyteller who inspires us to see our surroundings with a new eye.

Madlen’s talent and dedication earned her recognition as a finalist photographer of the year by New Zealand Geographic in 2019. Her submission included an image from the captivating “Silent Flight” series. This series, with its breathtaking exploration of the natural world, would later become the centerpiece of her remarkable solo exhibition in Arrowtown, New Zealand, and it stands as a testament to Madlen’s artistry. These accomplishments underscore her exceptional skill in capturing the world’s beauty through her lens. Furthermore, Madlen Duderstedt’s remarkable photography has been showcased in various smaller exhibitions, captivating audiences with her unique vision.

She is also an active presence in commercial and portrait photography. Her portfolio includes captivating portraits of artists, commercial product photographs of designers, and various companies hailing from the vibrant city of Berlin and all over the world. Her diverse artistic and commercial photography skills showcase her versatility and commitment to the craft.

Madlen has had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse and distinguished clientele, ranging from renowned artists to forward-thinking companies such as:

Vera Leisibach

Nico Stojan & David Mayer

Ritter Butzke

Dream in Green Berlin

Salvation Gallery

Mt Uncle Distillery

Tekapo Springs

Tin Plate

and many more.

MadyMadlin” is her new project that blends the realms of art prints and home decor with a unique focus on nature photography infused with elements of geometry, abstraction, and artistry. Through this innovative venture, Madlen Duderstedt explores the intersection of the natural world and abstract design, bringing a fresh perspective to home decoration. Stay tuned for the unveiling and visually stunning pieces that promise to enhance your living space and inspire a deeper connection with the natural world through a unique artistic lens.




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